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It has reached out for world which is full of passion to serve the chicken based meal.

Доставка Твистер из Ростикс KFC

It is all there and for greater good of reasons around. Get 4 Zinger Strips with your favorite dip, dinner roll and drink! Now kids will enjoy KFC with a tasty chicken piece and fries with their favorite drink! Your kids will love this tasty crispy burger with fries and a drink in their favorite chicky meal! Dinner will be finished all through when you give your kids these scrumptious hot shots with fries and drink!

Kfc pizza twister

Who says you always have to share food? Get your very own KFC scrumptious chicken piece at an amazing price! Imagine a soft sesame bun with a crunchy chicken strips in the center with lettuce and spicy mayo, at a great value!

kfc pizza twister price in pakistan

Marinated fillets with our signature spicy sauce,cheese,and loaded with jalapenos,all of this wrapped in a new bun. Мы просто получили твистер летом Фастфуд KFC Терияки твистер. Терияки твистер — новинка для любителей сочетания курицы и ананасов. Twisted tortilla full of oriental sensations! Crunchy bites mixed with fresh, spring green vegetables - cucumber, lettuce and spring onion.

kfc pizza twister price in pakistan

Please not the above prices should be used as a guide only. We are not affiliated with KFC in any way. First Kfc In Australia. These KFC Twister are mine and mine only! Eating like perfect girlfriend Make you enjoy eating. After a successful launch and getting the satisfactory performance of its car booking service, in …. I ordered 3 hot wings through my Bank Al-habib debit card RS. Острый Дабл Шефбургер р. Новый острый шефбургер теперь с двойной курицей!

kfc pizza twister price in pakistan

Лонгер BBQ 50 р. Сочная курочка, маринованные огурчики и аппетитный соус барбекю… мммм!

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  • Твистер Веджи р. Ай-Твистер Чиз 50 р. В вашем списке для сравнения есть блюда.

    kfc pizza twister price in pakistan

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